About Grace ConnectsUs, LLC

Grace ConnectsUs is a Christian Family Business that was formed in 2001. We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Grace ConnectsUs Family is made up of individuals who have Master's Degrees in Christian Ministry, a combination of 45 years in children's ministry, 20 years in Bible studies and teaching, and 35 years of Christian Daycare teaching.

The Goal of Grace ConnectsUs is to be a positive, dependable business, while maintaining a high quality of service and excellence in the buisness field.

Grace ConnectsUs designs and creates inspirational fans to promote the Word of God and to enhance spiritual awareness. All fans are made with scriptures or words of inspiration. Our designs are unique, hand crafted and created with care.

Grace ConnectsUs has also created 'Shape Books', which are a unique, creative and fun way to teach shapes, colors, letters, dot-to-dot and maze coordination while, instilling in the young children moral standards and Godly character. Each shape character's name represents the moral standard that is taught in the book. (Example) - Holly Holy Heart - teaches Love. The books concepts are appropriate for young children combining recognized shapes with different life lessons to create memory triggers easy for young minds to grasp. The activities following each story cater to reimagining the story for readers and corresponds well to young reader's short attention spans.